Mirrored Cabinet Has 360 Degree View
December 7, 2011 | 3:05 pm CST
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Extended, the panoramic mirrors present a 360-degree view from an individual standing in front of the medicine cabinet.
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Panoramic mirrors contract fully into the medicine cabinet case, which can be a minimum of seven inches deep.

MORGAN CITY, LA - A medicine cabinet with retractable 360-degree mirror has been invented by Ed Billiot, a Morgan City, Louisiana business operator with no woodworking experience.

"I am not a woodworker, so I had a cabinetmaker make this for me," says Billiot, who operates Designer Cards, a business card printshop.

Billiot says he has built four versions, and that clients and lumber retailers have approached him to make more. "I can't make them that quickly," he says. So Billiot has applied to patent the design, and hopes to license it to cabinetry firms and other wood manufacturing firms.

The sliding mirror system can be installed in medicine cabinets, wall mirrors, makeup tables, says Billiot, who envisions floor models built for boutique stores etc.

"This could very easily be the new normal in medicine cabinets and wall mirrors," Billiot says. he  envisions the system adopted by lowe's and Home Depot cabinetry manufacturers, and that it would go into use in upscale hotel.

"I am interested in locating and working with cabinet and furniture manufacturers," says Billiot. "Preferably, but not necessarily international manufacturers. This is a product that will also be desired in other countries." Billiot says he would also like to talk to private investors.  

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