SHELBURNE, ON - Massuni, its new technology and related interface - an intuitive configurator - that lets users design custom furniture that can be sized in one millimeter increments in height width and depth.

"Massuni was developed to address the frustration so many people experience while trying to find a piece of furniture that has the right mix of style, functionality and price," said Jeff Wilson, CEO and founder. "We believe in the power of customization and have developed a quick and simple way for anyone to design furniture that fits seamlessly into their home."

To begin the design process, users browse the Massuni catalog, select an item such as a dresser, bookcase, or cupboard, then adjust height, width, and depth to suit there space. Wilson expects the catalog will grow to include thousands of furniture pieces, including items designed by other users.

The users will have full control of the dimensions, as the configurator features fully dynamic sizing that can be adjusted down to one millimeter increments, or an eighth of an inch. Furniture pieces can also be restyled by choosing materials, finishes, trim, door designs, and hardware. The product can be entirely reconfigured by adding and subtracting cupboards, drawers, and shelf spaces.

During the design process, users can generate a high quality rendering that realistically depicts the finished item. Prices are recalculated in real time as changes are made. In the catalog items start at $180 and run up to about $2,000 for a large dresser.

"We use a combination of solid hardwoods - maple, oak, and cherry - and veneers applied to particle board," says the firm. "This construction method gives us the most versatility in styles, and also achieves the nicest appearance for the least amount of virgin timber." Furniture delivery is projected at four weeks after order.

Verso Furniture Inc., based in Shelburne, ON, was founded in 2000, and eventually launched the Massuni configurator technology and mass customization systems.

Massuni's North American factory uses its proprietary mass customization systems that can produce individualized products, offering one of a kind furniture at prices that rival mass produced items of comparable quality. It's Kickstarter campaign is seeking funding for further development of its furniture fabrication systems. 

At its "Careers" section the company website says, "Massuni builds custom furniture, but we're really a technology company. Our system links novel user interface tools and complex data processing with manufacturing equipment and inventory management systems."  3D modeling, RIA interface techniques, and eCommerce functionality, with complex user-driven algorithms handle product configuration and price calculations.

"Our innovative technology and factory processes give designers and homeowners access to easy and affordable customization," continued Wilson. "Instead of giving options, we give each customer the ability to create exactly what they want. We're democratizing design."

Verso Furniture Inc. was founded in 2000 with the goal of making it easy for everyone to get the furniture they want. With the launch of the Massuni configurator technology and mass customization systems, custom furniture can now be designed in just minutes for an affordable price. For more information visit,

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