GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Wood dust collection and scrap disposal is generally viewed as a necessary evil. It is a requirement for a safe and healthy work environment. However, for today’s responsible wood industry manufacturer, waste management is also an opportunity.

O2 Filtration is excited to introduce the Höcher Polytechnik Vacuumobil Series with Briquetter. This innovative technology combines efficient, powerful dust extraction with a briquette press which turns everyday wood waste into reusable bio-fuel.

The Vacumobil series sets new standards for energy efficiency and performance. The easy-to-learn and easy-to-use extraction systems begin to pay for themselves the moment they are turned on. When combined with the HP BricStar C, cost-recovery comes even sooner.

Wood briquettes, or pellets, are in demand as alternative fuel sources for large spaces such as factories, schools, churches and other buildings with large footprints. Many of these facilities depend on boilers for heat generation. And, even with natural gas prices at historic lows, utilizing a manufacturing byproduct is a cost-effective and environmentally sensitive alternative. Briquettes can be maintained for in-house energy generation or marketed for local and regional distribution.

Wood waste is carbon neutral, meaning that, when burned, it introduces no more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere than it removed as a tree or other plant. That is vastly preferable to high-sulfur coal and other hydrocarbons. It makes even less sense to haul carbon-neutral waste to a landfill in a diesel-fueled truck.

O2 Filtration represents the full line of Höcher Polytechnik dust extraction and other waste management systems. With more than 40 years of experience in European markets, Höcher Polytechnik is a leader in progressive environmental engineering. Their systems are renowned for exceptional engineering, dependability and energy efficiency.

O2 Filtration has a broad range of experience in the wood manufacturing industries as well as printing, textiles and other applications where dust and fumes are prevalent.

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Source: O2 Filtration

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