DAVELUYVILLE, QUEBEC -- Doucet now offers a conveyor system specifically designed to be placed at the outfeed of your nesting CNC equipped with an exit rake. CNC nesting technology is continuing to evolve, and is now entering in to a phase where automatic loading and unloading is becoming a standard requirement in order to keep pace and reduce unnecessary labor in production. This new product from Doucet can be placed at the end of any CNC router which has a rake system to push off finished panels. It is equipped with sensors that automatically engage the conveyor as the panels exit the routing table. The conveyor continues to move until the panels reach the end and trigger the sensors at the end. Your operator then is able to remove and stack the panels, and as this is done, the conveyor drives forward the next panels in line, until all have been removed and the conveyor resets for the next batch of panels.

The Doucet solution can be sized according to any standard router table. It requires no direct connection to your CNC router. Simply set the conveyor feed speed to match your CNC's rake off speed, and go. The solution from Doucet can be customized per your need with additional brushes and dust collection. It is made to the highest standards as are all our conveyor systems, nothing in quality has been reduced to reach a competitive price point, yet our system is priced competitively with lighter exit conveyors offered by the CNC router manufacturers. With a Doucet solution, you are ensured that your conveyor is made to the same quality standard as the CNC you have purchased, and not last minute addition designed around minimizing cost.

Use the following link to see all details: ANC Nesting Conveyor

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Source: Doucet Machineries, Inc.

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