In today’s marketplace, success comes from gaining a competitive edge. That well-known truism applies literally to Woodgrain Millwork and its Finished Elegance product line.

Already a successful manufacturer of interior mouldings and trim, in 2011 Woodgrain Millwork ( expanded its portfolio with Finished Elegance, a premium moulding coated with Eastman Chemical’s Cerfis technology. The Idaho-based firm was the first licensor of the Cerfis polymer coating technology.

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A one-pass proprietary coating system, Cerfis can be used on a variety of substrates, including composite panels and solid wood. According to Tammy Trivette, global platform director for Eastman’s Cerfis technology, what makes the technology unique is the dimensional stability and durability it imbues to the substrates to improve their performance. These include resistance to scratching, marring and denting.

The coating technology covers all four sides of the moulding, making it moisture resistant while providing consistent color throughout. Another benefit is that there are no VOCs or solvents used in the manufacturing or installation process, Trivette says. A range of colors are offered in coating gauges from 6 to 25 mil, with GREENGUARD-Certified resins also available.

Cerfis can be used for simple or complex profiles, including those with very tight tolerances, Trivette says. Future applications for the technology, she adds, are practically limitless, including just about “any products that are painted or stained today.”

Woodgrain Millwork can attest to that. Since incorporating Cerfis technology into its production, the company already has expanded its Finished Elegance line to include boards and interior door jambs.

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