HANNOVER, GERMANY - Cefla is inkjetting MDF panel with photorealistic oak and other species on panel surfaces and edges. It can also print other types of engineered wood and panel, including aluminum composite laminates.

The multi-step process first waterproofs the board with an undercoat of adhesive which is flash UV cured, then inkjet imaged. A final UV cure seals the image.

A patent-pending dedicated line does matching edge printing, eliminating the need for edgebanding.

Likely applications are seen in kitchen cabinetry and particularly store fixtures, where short-term installations with a fine wood look are often prized, but too expensive in some settings. 

Because the process is photographic, edge printing can match the coloration of the surface panel, including realistically representing edge grain and end grain as it would be seen on real solid wood.

Cefla's Massimo Di Russo says the Cefla inkjet
printing will be seen at AWFS Fair 2015 in July.

The process, being demonstrated now at LIGNA 2015, will also be shown at the 2015 AWFS Fair in Las Vegas in July, says Massimo Di Russo, general manager of Cefla in North America.

In addition to the panel and edgebanding system, Cefla also showed a "smart" spray system that is able to scan unusual workpiece shapes and curves, then direct the spray coating arms to simulate a human spray operator.

Its bank Mitsubishi arms measures tools for wear and selects appropriate tools for the work at hand from a carousel. 

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