DAVOS, SWITZERLAND – The world’s first fully biodegradable wood-fiber beer bottle is being developed by Carlsberg Beer, and packaging company ecoXpac.

Wood-Fiber Beer Bottle in Development by Carlsberg The group is looking to develop a biodegradable and bio-based bottle made from sustainably sourced wood-fiber, to be known as the "Green Fiber Bottle." All materials used in the bottle, including the cap, will be developed using bio-based and biodegradable materials – primarily, sustainably sourced wood-fibers.

“At Carlsberg we are firm believers in the importance of a circular economy in ensuring sustainable future growth and development on our planet … it will mark a sea-change in our options for packaging liquids, and will be another important step on our journey towards a circular, zero-waste economy,” said Andraea Dawson-Shepherd, senior vice president for corporate affairs,

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