Infeed area of ContiRoll press for laminated beech veneer lumber
Infeed area of ContiRoll press for laminated beech veneer lumber

Krefeld – In 2015, Siempelkamp will once again exhibit at Wood Mac China in Shanghai. Next to the proven expertise regarding wood-based material production plants, the Krefeld machine builder will present two product innovations: The mat preheater Conti Booster and the ContiRoll® for laminated beech veneer lumber.

Conti Booster for 20 % higher outputs

With the innovative mat preheater Conti Booster, plant operators achieve up to 20% higher outputs for the production of particleboard, MDF and OSB. The intermediate belt in the infeed area of the press is replaced with a steam-permeable screen belt. The steam distributors, which are mounted above and below the screen belt, inject up to 400 kg/h of saturated steam with a temperature ranging between 100 and 130 °C into each side of the mat. Thus, the board’s surface layer is heated and moistened. In this way, plant operators can do without mat spraying prior to the mat entering the press.

ContiRoll® for the manufacture of beech veneer lumber

Siempelkamp is setting another milestone with a fully-automatic press line for laminated beech veneer lumber. Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) consists of peeled veneer approx. 3 mm thick and is used for the manufacture of joists, beams, and panels in the construction industry. The ContiRoll® Generation 8 is characterized by its uniform pressure distribution by means of pressure distribution plates. Siempelkamp's double diagonal saw combination is designed to be used with this innovative product. Automatically adjustable trimming units with high cutting speeds result in clean edges which are of finish cut quality.


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