Cutting bulky pieces on a band saw is always difficult, as is feeding something really heavy or bulky through the saw while trying to conduct an intricate cut. MD Dario offers bandsaws mounted on an articulated arm so the saw can swing to the wood, making intricate cuts while the work piece holds still.

The arm’s ball bearing joints keep the saw perfectly plumb in all axes. A pattern guide on the saw lets it follow patterns clamped to the workpiece. A new device for cutting arches allows you to fix the saw to a special graph bar at the desired radius, to produce arcs in circumferences up to 360°, rotating the saw manually all around the work piece.

An optional inclinable device can be applied to the base on the articulated arm offering a frontal inclination of the saw from 0° to 45°.

Models can cut multiple, stacked architectural beams, or when outfitted with a diamond blade can cut granite countertops. There’s even a multiple work station where the saw arm pivots around a central point to service four separate pieces, at four work stations.


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