WATERLOO, ON --  Wood paste and other materials can be printed using Structur3D Printing's   Discov3ry Universal Extrusion Device, said to be the first commercially available plug and play paste extruder that can be readily integrated into most 3D Printers already on the market.

3D Wood Object Printing Enabled by Universal Extruding DeviceStructur3D Printing says its Discov3ry paste extruder, being funded through a Kickstarter campaign and expected by December, expands the range of 3D printers into wood-based materials such as wood paste and into silicone, and beyond rigid plastics used in most existing 3D printers.

Options demonstrated by Structur3D Printing include clay, PlayDough, wood filler, silicone, and various foods and frostings.

"Discov3ry expands what is possible with virtually every 3D printer already out there, allowing for more creativity than ever before in 3D printing," said Dr. Charles Mire, CEO and co-founder of Structur3D Printing.

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