Raw materials are being sourced for interior design purposes on a regular basis. Organic foods, soaps, clothing, cosmetics, etc. are a part of everyday life. The natural movement is very strong in North America and the new woodgrain color collection for IWF by Schattdecor Inc. will help the team stay ahead of trendy colors in laminates.

At IWF 2014, Schattdecor Inc. Designer, Mark Smith, presented his latest collection of trend colors for the North American market. Every two years the team brings to the fair new woodgrain and solid colors for the laminate industry. At IWF 2012, Mark Smith’s color palette was known as the Global Spice Collection. This year the new collection is called The Raw Essentials. These colors have been inspired by natural elements such as grains and rice, succulents, as well as stones and even bird eggs. Items like barley, oats, and buckwheat translate very nicely as woodgrain hues. The color variations in things like walnuts or granola make for beautiful colors in oak or walnut woodgrains. These can also pair well with several new solid, Unique Colours, Mark Smith has developed. The color story developed for IWF this year will continue to expand as more and more natural elements or “Raw Essentials” are taken into consideration.

Several of the latest developments for furniture and panel applications were presented and surveyed at IWF. Here are several decors that received rave reviews:

Marrakesh Walnut featured in the Buckwheat color. This modern walnut décor contains straight grain sections and areas of elongated figuring and small knots and is shown in a warm brown color, perfect for Home furniture market.

Urban Cherry featured in the Wheat color. This soft yet rich medium toned color works well on the slightly rustic cherry décor, containing alternating areas of fine straight grain and large cathedrals. It would work in almost any market.

Rovere Otello featured in the Pinto Beans color. This subtly rustic oak decor contains fine and clearly delineated negative pores as its most distinctive feature. It almost has a western feel to it when shown in this rich medium red brown color.

Derby Chestnut featured in the Poppy Seed color. This chestnut decor is a figured woodgrain with a very fine fibrous texture and is elegant in a strong charcoal color.

There was a cocktail party held one evening by the team in the Hospitality Suite at the Omni Hotel that Schattdecor Inc. used as their presentation space. The room was filled to capacity and the attendees had a fantastic time. IWF 2014 was a great success for the Schattdecor Inc. team and they are looking forward to talking more with customers about The Raw Essentials color forecast and the latest design trends for North America.

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