Mirka specialises in the development of innovative abrasive technology and patented abrasives that offer customers a truly dust-free surface finishing process – extracting virtually all sanding dust before it is released into the environment. The company’s products cover a wide range of abrasive applications to complete sanding systems that help tackle even the toughest challenges faced by professionals, semi-professionals, or home renovation enthusiasts.

-Dust-free sanding is a very fast-growing market as people are starting to realise how important it is to avoid inhaling sanding dust into the lungs, but instead collect it as it´s created. Looking beyond health and safety factors, dust-free sanding is also very fast, as there is no need to cover up surfaces before the sanding work can begin. This gives businesses the opportunity to save time, increase profitability, and ultimately earn more money, says Ralf Karlström, CEO of KWH Mirka, the headquarters of Mirka, which is based in Finland.

Keeping businesses running at all times

In a highly competitive construction and renovation market, the old saying 'time is money' goes well with all business activity. With Mirka’s dust-free net sanding abrasives and sanding tools, businesses and home renovators can speed up their work by about 20% compared to the use of conventional sanding methods and equipment.

Traditional sanding methods also create enormous amounts of airborne dust that can be toxic or sometimes carcinogenic. Even bare wood dust may cause serious health problems, such as asthma, when it is inhaled. According to the UK-based Health and Safety Executive (HSE), carpenters and joiners can be, in fact, four times more likely to get asthma compared with other UK workers.

Focus on innovation

Mirka products are recognised as being market leaders through sustained focus on innovation driven by customer needs, investment in ground-breaking production machinery and providing systems which produce profit.

- Mirka is renowned for setting high standards and launching new products and new production techniques that deliver clear improvements. Development work has always been an important part of Mirka’s activity and is based on encouraging everyone in the company to be open to new ideas, says Karlström.

- Machines and tools that are comfortable and easy to use are essential for professionals. This is why we have concentrated on user-friendliness and ergonomics, as well as performance and efficiency, Karlström adds.

Source: Mirka

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