GRAND RAPIDS, MI -Woodcutting tool manufacturer Leitz says it will change its market strategy, focusing on face-to-face consulting and custom production solutions.  

Leitz, Retools To Focus on High-demand Wood Manufacturing“Our business was built on handshakes and sawdust; hard work and strong bonds,” says Mike Lind, Leitz CEO. “The best way to diagnose a tooling issue is out on the shop floor using our eyes and hands. You can’t feel surface finish or measure spindle accuracy with a digital photo attached to an e-mail.”

Leitz is restructuring its product offerings to focus on customized solutions and quick turnaround service for high-demand wood manufacturing. It plans to upgrade equipment at its service centers and increase staff to run multiple shifts. Leitz says the new capabilities will allow it to turn around high-quality tooling faster.

Leitz, Retools To Focus on High-demand Wood Manufacturing"We’ve come to realize that we can’t be all things to all people,” Lind says. “We are high-output production experts; not all customers require that level of skill and attention.”

Lind says Leitz core competencies are reflected in its reputation for accuracy, precision and productivity. With the change in strategy, “We will be more involved, responsive and focused,” Lind says.

Leitz plans to expand its field consultants to offer enhanced custom solutions and more frequent production consultations. Leitz, which acquired Royce//Pacific Precision Cutting Tools in San Bernardino, CA last year, will also add diamond service to its Garland, TX facility to expand capabilities in the region, and make, operational changes will be made at Leitz tooling centers in Wisconsin, Indiana and Pennsylvania to allow for an elevated level of customer service at its remaining locations.

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