CAD/CAM, plant and management/business software programs are essential tools in today’s woodworking plants. Software not only makes it fast and easy to conceptualize and design a project, but also aids in the manufacturing process — and everywhere in between.

The following mini case studies (links below) illustrate some of the various ways software is used throughout the woodworking industry, with longer story versions available online at the end of each article. For a list of software suppliers to the wood products marketplace, check out the computer software category and software specification chart, both of which can be found at


Case Studies: Software's Usage in Woodworking Applications

Docupoint Sierra Pacific Sierra Pacific's AutoCAD Advantage
CIM-Tech Killion Killion Stays Solid with 3D Modeling for Store Fixtures
 20-20 Superior Cabinets Superior Cabinets Grows with Insight
 Delcam Golden Era Productions Golden Era Powers Its Prop Making with CNC Software
 KCD Software Kingswood Software Helps Kingswood Streamline Cabinet Production
 Mastercam Four Corners 5-Axis Spurs Wood Components Work at Four Corners
 Planit Vero Keim Lumber Keim Lumber Nests Easy with CNC Software
 Microvellum, Cumberland Construction AutoCAD Enhances Cumberland’s Wood Fixture Abilities

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