Starting out as a small custom cabinet shop in 2005, husband and wife team Kevin Tan and Sarah Chen had to be creative, with solutions to meet their client’s unique woodworking demands. Nothing was automated, and the machining process was slow.

Today, Kingswood Interiors Ltd. resides in a 16,000-square-foot facility in Calgary, AB, with 60 employees and annual revenues topping $10 million. The couple says growing their business in an economic downturn required them to be adaptable, resourceful and strategic in their decisions.

One of the decisions was to move into production cabinetry and streamline the process. Along with an investment in a FlexiCAM CNC router, Kingswood switched to KCD Software. “KCD allowed us to automate everything, from design and pricing through production,” says Chen.

“Before we had KCD Software, we were manually calculating the door sizes, box sizes, cutlists and other pieces. This is very time consuming and very easy to get wrong. After we implemented KCD in our process, we found that waste costs dramatically dropped due to the automatic calculations of the materials. The nesting function also minimized the usage of the board we use for our cabinets,” she adds.

KCD Software’s CNC Commander helped streamline Kingswood’s production, enabling it to fulfill its exclusive contracts with local builders while freeing capacity to offer a more diversified product line. Other KCD Software programs also are used at Kingswood.

“Besides standard cabinets, we began manufacturing other cabinetry such as closets, built-in entertainment centers and custom furniture,” says Chen. “The results were great. We could draw out exactly what we would build for the customer [using KCD].

“Customers are very happy to see visualized pictures of their new kitchen,” she adds. “And on the production side, KCD produced door lists, cutlists and more. These reports are very convenient for our production and the software is very compatible with all the machines.”

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