Outsourcing components has enabled Nopal Construction to streamline its cabinet production — literally.

Based in California, Nopal Construction specializes in residential kitchen cabinetry as well as cabinetry for other rooms, which it produces at its approximately 3,000-square-foot shop. According to Owner Esteban Perez, Nopal has constructed “over 10,000 square feet” of projects since its founding in December 2012.

That’s no mean feat for this small shop, whose projects range anywhere from $7,000 to $70,000. Aiding Nopal in its efforts has been the sourcing of components from Decore-ative Specialties.

Perez says he has been using Decore-ative’s cabinetry components since 2005, when he worked at LaMorinda Inc., a Concord, CA-based cabinet shop owned by his cousin Victor Rangel. In September it was announced that the two firms would merge, bringing together more than 70 years of combined cabinetmaking experience.

A turnkey solutions provider, Nopal gets involved in all phases of the project. Already using Decore-ative’s Streamline program for specifying and ordering RTA cabinet boxes, in 2013 Perez says, “Nopal Construction completely embraced the ‘bundled’ package” of offerings by Decore-ative, including doors, drawer faces and boxes. The company uses Decore-ative’s Anytime Online Account Management system for ordering the custom components, as well as viewing and tracking orders.

“I might have 20 [kitchen] boxes, including the base units, wall units...with a lot of data to generate. I spec out how many boxes to order in Streamline and it generates a print list, including hardware, that’s a great template for me to use,” Perez says. “I can plug that information into Anytime and use it for entering the rest of the order.”

By using Decore-ative’s packages and outsourcing the components, he adds, it “brings down the costs in the shop, and any material waste is also reduced.”

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