PIN recently installed two high speed, high production panel cutting systems, to help keep up with our growth.

The two cutting systems, supplied by the Holzma U.S. Division of Stiles Machinery, are the automatic infeeding, Holzma model HPL 550. This model incorporates all of Holzma’s most advanced cutting technologies, and will enable us to produce very high volumes of precise parts, even with shorter run quantities.

The HPL 550's are built with the Sorb Tech mineral cast base unique to Holzrna panel saws. This material deadens vibrations, providing us with the ability to cut at higher speed, and achieve longer blade life. We are already experiencing 6 times the blade life on our newly installed HPL 550’s, versus What we achieved on our previous cutting centers.

The two cutting systems are equipped with the Holzrna Power Concept Technology which enables us to cut complicated cutting patterns in much less time. In a multi-strip cutting pattern, the Power Concept will enable us to cross out two different types of strips per cross cut cycle, reducing overall cycle time in the range of 30-40 %.

To help keep up with the enhanced throughput provided by Holzma’s Power Concept, we have also installed the Holzma Automatic Label Printing System on both machines. This system automatically applies a label to the top of each book of parts as they are being cross cut, both identifying the parts and fleeing the operator up from applying the labels, increasing throughput and insuring accurate part identification.

In order to keep these high production cutting centers producing parts as much as possible, We have specified several features on our HIPL 550’s to minimize housekeeping chores and the time they require through the course of the production day. First is the fully automatic scoring saw adjustment system which quickly and automatically adjusts the scoring saw on the HPL 550 to the main saw, utilizing vision technology. The second is automatic, pneumatically controlled gap closers at the cutting line, to prevent narrow edge trims falling into the machine body, elirninating the need to clean them out. Both of these features provide extra minutes of cutting per shift and help us realize the full potential of the TEL 550 cutting system.

Finally, we have equipped our two new saws with I-Iolzma’s Off-Fall Tracking and Recovery System which enables us to efiectively and productively recycle off-fall into usable parts. With this system an off-fall label is generated at the saw at the same time the off out is, and it shows our operators which bin in the off-fall rack to store the off out. Concurrently, that off-out is stored as a usable sheet in the Stock Control portion of our Cut Rite optimization software. The next time We run a job out of that material, Cut Rite will utilize the off cuts first in the patterns, and our operators will receive a prompt on the screen of the Cadmatic control of the HTL 550 , telling them exactly which off-cut to use , and where to find it. This system means that We can utilize this valuable resource to produce high value parts, with minimal labor and delay to do so.

These two new Holzma. cut up systems are helping PIN meet shorter lead times, providing the best possible products and service to our customers. For addition information please Contact J eff Pray or Richard Sherwood at (972) 621-1200.

Source: PIN

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