High-Speed Steel Tooling Rough Grind BasicsHere are 10 steps to rough grinding high speed steel cutting tools for woodworking operations.

1. Set the back clearance grinding angle.

2. Set the wheel RPM.

3. Set the distance between the wheel and the toolrest. (0.020 inch/0.5mm)

4. Wheel width should match the tracing pin width (use square tracing pin).

5. Rough grind the knife until the tracing pin contacts the template.

6. Index the wheel toward the tool rest proper distance and regrind the knife.

7. Dress the wheel round. Be sure to rotate the tracing pin to the round side.

8. Regrind knives, maintaining proper distance between the wheel and the tool rest.

9. Set up for side clearance and grind in areas needed, still at the rough grind angle.

10. Redress wheel. At 0° side clearance, regrind all knives while maintaining the proper wheel/tool rest relationship.

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