3 Things to Know About Aggregate Tooling Technology
April 1, 2015 | 1:08 pm CDT

Here are three things you need to know about aggregate tooling technology and its role in machining wood and composite panels.

1 Will an angle head fit on any CNC machine? Yes, with a few minor exceptions. Some of the important issues to consider are as follows: Spindle motor size – absolute minimum 5 HP. Spindle motor connection type: HSK 63F, HSK 63E, ISO 30 (also known as SK 30), BT 30, BT 35 and BT 40 are among the most common connections.

2 Can an angle head be placed into a tool change carousel and be programmed for an “automatic tool change?” This is determined by the size and configuration of both the tool change carousel and the angle head itself. In most cases this is not only possible, but also is the most efficient way to use an angle head.

3 What are the primary advantages of using an angle head versus the standard machine spindle? Angle heads allow the operator to cut in horizontal positions as needed without changing machines. Also, much greater feed speed can be achieved using a V-grooving cutter head on a right angle head or reducing the overall machining cycle times.

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