Digital tool line

General Tools’ ToolSmart line of connected digital tools includes a free Android or iOS mobile app that uses Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology to wirelessly connect to a family of four handheld measuring and inspecting tools. Data from each device is instantly transmitted to the app, which automatically stores and catalogs the information and determines the materials and tools necessary to complete the project.

The ToolSmart product line includes: a laser distance measurer with a range of 100 feet; a video inspection camera with a pencil-thin camera-tipped probe that can capture videos and photos; a digital multimeter for measuring voltage, current, resistance and surface temperature; and a digital angle finder with a range of 225 degrees.

The design of the ToolSmart app eliminates the need to jot down readings on scraps of paper that often get lost in cluttered project areas. What’s more, the precision of the ToolSmart devices combines with the app’s capability to store and integrate data and generate list of materials and tools to minimize human error and trips to the local home center.