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With a production capacity of 200 lbs. per hour, the VPM 250 Pellet Mill from Vecoplan Midwest  is designed, says the company, for the small to medium commercial scale pellet producer including manufacturers with relatively small distribution areas, factories and other facilities producing pellets for their own use, start-up and  pilot plants, as well as colleges and universities. The VPM 250 pelletizes hard woods, soft woods, wood scrap, agricultural bi-products, grasses, manures, virtually any type of biomass, paper, cardboard, and a wide range of other feedstocks, says the company. Fixed on a table, the VPM 250 is 37.75” long X 31.5” wide X 25.5” high and weighs 1,560 lbs. and is equipped with a 25-hp. press, 2-hp. mixer, and 0.5-hp. feeder drive motors.  The VPM 250 offers a range of die sizes. Vecoplan Midwest will be at Booth 5734 at IWF 2012.


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