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Edgesander duplicates hand-sanding

Stolbek machines based in Canada has developed an automated edgesander that duplicates hand-sanding. Utilizing orbital sanding technology instead of belts and flap wheels, the Stolbek edgesander goes through a progression of three sanding grits and gives edges the same finish that all the surfaces get. The company claims, “You will never see an MDF edge like this.” With a footprint of only 3x8 feet, the machine can sand all four edges of a panel in about 30 seconds. 

According to the company, a key feature of this equipment is being able to obtain a perfect corner break using trimmers with profile cutters. This eliminates the possibility of variation when doing the corner break with sand paper or by hand. Two mini orbital sanders sand corners on the way out of the machine so there is no need for anyone to touch an edge to get the perfect finish.

Stolbek edgesander