Curtain enclosures for sanding & finishing

Available from Global Finishing Solutions (GFS), curtain enclosures allow shops to separate and maximize their usable space by providing a  retractable barrier for confining wood dust, fumes and overspray from sanding and painting. An effective, flexible solution at a fraction of the cost of permanent wall and booth construction, GFS says, the curtains are available with clear-view or weld-view windows, and with curtains on three or four sides. All materials meet NFPA 701 for fire retardancy.

About Global Finishing Solutions

Global Finishing Solutions offers a wide range of products ideal for Woodworking and Wood Finishing.


·     GFS Dust Collection Booths help in containing dust heavy operations often associated with sanding and grinding. These booths feature high efficiency dust collection modules that pull dust-laden air into the filtration system and recirculates clean filtered air back into the workspace.

·     GFS Open-Face Spray Booths have a modular design that makes available a variety of sizes and configurations to fit a broad range of finishing processes ideal for batch painting, woodworking and wood finishing.

·     GFS Parts & Filters offering a selection of replacement parts designed to keep any finishing operation running smoothly. With items available for both modern equipment and legacy products dating back several decades, and for multiple brands.



























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