Wide Belt Sander with Oscillation Control

Hans Weber introduces the Weber KSN automatic sanding machine featuring a new design that combines energy efficiency and leading-edge technology. The new Weber KSN can be equipped with up to 4 processing stations and can utilize any of Weber’s sanding and brush technologies. The sanding belt dimensions have been adjusted and wide belts are now available in the standard 103” (2620 mm) length, and the cross belts are 6 inches (150 mm) wide and 200” (5100 mm) long. Cutting speeds have been adjusted to meet the new requirements of lacquer finishing and now start at 0.5m/s, adds Weber.  Oscillation control is available that automatically centers and controls the sanding belts after a belt change. The CBF and planetary head features are designed to achieve an ideal finish on smooth and textured surfaces, says the company. The KSN features an ergonomically positioned panel easily viewed and operated from the side or front of the machine, which allows the machine to be easily incorporated in a machine line, adds Weber. Additional energy efficient features include the redesigned extraction nozzles, which require up to 40% less extraction power, putting them on a par with the energy efficient motors, the workpiece-triggered blow-off device and the workpiece-controlled sanding belt cleaning, says the company

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