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 Microvellum announced major improvements to its Stay-down Nesting Algorithm, technology that generates a continuous tool path for part perimeter routing. Stay-down Nesting can reduce CNC machine cycle times as much as 35% or more compared to standard nesting, says Microvellum. The nesting algorithm creates a single tool path and ramps into the material once, cutting out all the parts in the sheet before exiting, eliminating the need to pull out of the material and rapid traverse to the next part. In the latest release of Toolbox 2015 R2, Stay-down Nesting can be configured to automatically recognize and double-pass small parts within the nested sheet, adds Microvellum. The double-pass process creates a small tab or bridge that is (connected to the part) large enough to maintain suction on the machine table, but thin enough to avoid moving the part when the final pass is made. Another new feature available in 2015 R2 is the ability to move, rotate, or edit parts that have been optimized using Stay-down Nesting. Stay-down Nesting is compatible with Microvellum’s Rectangular and True Shape Nesting optimizers. 

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Microvellum brings the industries best technologies together into a single, simplified line of communication from the office to the shop floor. We offer to our customers a single-source system for production reporting, labeling, job release management, estimating, nested based panel optimization, and direct g-code generation. From standard catalog-driven items to custom one-off products, you can do it all in the same working environment - and you'll have all the tools you need to do 100-percent of the job every time.




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