Cabinet hardware and shelf-pin jig kit

True Position Tools' TP-1935 Cabinet Hardware Jig and Shelf Pin / Long Handle Jig kit is designed for installing cabinet doors and shelving. An all around template solution for the cabinet installer, it is also an alternative to the line boring machine for the small shop. It includes the basic hardware jig (TP-1934) with additional drilling extensions for 32mm line boring.

It can be used to drill shelf holes in the shop before assembly, or on the job after assembly. Users slide guides and stop along english or metric rulers, tighten thumb screws, and then drill. It also guides drills along long handles up to 29″ in length to locate hardware holes of any dimension on doors and drawer fronts. The kit includes a standard 5 mm drill bit (approx. 3/16″). It is made of durable light-weight aluminum with case hardened steel bushings.


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