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Cabinet building software
June 16, 2016 | 12:11 pm CDT

KCD Software provides wall elevations, floor plans, dimension drawings and superb photo-realistic 3D renderings. Cabinetmakers can create long, connected face-frame cabinets in addition to many other custom features. KCD Software is now partnered with Cabinotch, a custom frame cabinet builder and creator of a unique cabinet box assembly system, which involves an interlocking joint. Cabinetmakers can use KCD Software to design and price and now have the option to go directly to Cabinotch to build their custom cabinetry, watching productivity and profits significantly increase. When the design is complete, a menu option sends the file to Cabinotch for a price quote and delivery date. The order is processed and precision-sized face-frame cabinets are shipped directly to the shop, for quick assembly and custom finishing. This process dramatically reduces the time (and cost) of building cabinets.

KCD-Cabinotch-Top Frame.jpg