All-in-one software for cabinet & small shops

Promob Maker is an all-in-one software solution that combines design, engineering, machining, and reporting in a single interface. Designed for custom cabinetmakers and small shops, it includes a powerful design tool for producing high-quality renderings and a robust content catalog with both face-frame and frameless cabinets, closets, hardware, and accessories. Users can generate manufacturing reports and technical drawings, as well as automate the creation and production of custom parts and cabinets and automatically generate cut plans for panel optimization. Promob is a subsidiary of 2020.


About 2020

20-20 Technologies Inc., the world's leading provider of computer-aided design, sales software and manufacturing for the interior design industry, bases their business model upon the worldwide use of a single software platform across both the residential and commercial interior design markets and across all environments, desktop and web. It not only represents a significant competitive advantage, but is a critical element to the companys success. Their software offers state-of-the-art design, specification, photo-realistic rendering and three-dimensional visualization capabilities for configurable products in the residential and commercial interior design markets. Their solutions include business-to-client applications for on-line design and sales, business-to-business applications for electronic order processing and e-procurement, and an integration platform for enterprise resource planning and manufacturing resource planning systems.