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Vacuum Lift Tube

Flexaust introduces Flexadux, a new vacuum lift tube. The Flexadux LVAC Lift Tube is an advanced copolymer extruded vacuum tube with an encapsulated high tensile steel wire that provides up to six times longer life than traditional neoprene PVC wrapped constructions, says the company.  Featuring factory-installed heat weld cuffs on both ends for easy clamping and a tight fit, this tube fits virtually all vacuum lift equipment, adds Flexaust. Applications include environments requiring frequent wash-downs. Flexadux LVAC Lift Tube has excellent chemical resistance and operates from -40 degrees F to 225 degrees F. It is available in 4.7” to 8” I.D. (120mm to 200mm) sizes and standard 108”, 120” custom lengths, in standard safety orange and safety yellow colors.

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