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Vecoplan Midwest designs, builds and installs complete pellet production systems from the processing of raw material to bagging the finished pellets. Equipment in a typical line includes size reduction, conveyance, metering, pelletizing, cooling, screening, packaging, and customized system controls. The Vecoplan pellet mill features belt driven dual drives.  Vecoplan controls  are designed and manufactured to maximize ease of use, says the company. Vecoplan pellet systems deliver production rates from 1,000 to 8,000+ lbs. per hour, depending on the material being pelletized and the size of equipment specified. Raw material for pelletizing includes hard and soft woods, wood scrap, agricultural bi-products, grasses, manures, ethanol waste, virtually any type of biomass, paper, cardboard, carpet scrap, and  municipal solid waster (MSW). Vecoplan Midwest provide system start-up, operational training, as well as on-going parts and service.


 (812) 923-4992.