Compact CNC work center
September 22, 2019 | 4:03 pm CDT

Atlantic Machinery offers the Vitap Point K2 CNC work center for cutting, drilling, grooving, milling and routing. All the processes can be achieved without the need to reset the parts hold-down system, says the company, resulting in zero set up time. The Point K2 also features the patented Constant Contact Clamping System for continuous, uninterrupted operation, adds the company. Using the Vitap software for Bar Nesting, the operator inserts a panel of unlimited length (X axis) into the Point K2, which then automatically cuts the panel into sections widthwise (Y axis). The size of the sections are pre-programmed into the software and do not necessarily need to be of the same dimensions. Once a section is cut to size, the Point K2 can drill the section’s four sides and groove, rout and drill the face of the piece before it is released to the operator, making it ready to be assembled into a finished product.