Moulder infeed models
January 10, 2023 | 9:04 am CST

Weinig Holz-Her USA offers two new moulder infeed products, the WF (Weinig Feeder) and WF XL (Weinig Feeder XL). Both products meet US specifications and provide a modular design customizable for any Weinig moulder.

The main difference between the two new products is that the XL handles thicker and wider lumber. The XL maximum thickness capacity is 200 mm (7.87"), and the maximum width is 310 mm (12"). The WF can accommodate up to 100 mm (3.93") in thickness and widths up to 155 mm (6").

The WF and WF XL are durable yet compact and match the hard-wearing quality of Weinig machines. The infeeds are fabricated with the same level of quality and longevity and directly integrate with other Weinig machines. They handle feed speeds up to 100 m/min and will intuitively adjust according to the planer’s output speed.

Weinig moulder feeder XL
Weinig moulder feeder XL 

Achieving intelligent automation and manufacturing KPIs are central to the WF and WF XL design. A rotary control allows the feed roller pressure to toggle per surface finish, for example, planed versus rough. The selectable cycle operation reduces accumulation pressure and provides a buffer function to maximize product quality control, the company says. End-to-end feeding with continuous material flow prevents snipe or other material-related processing errors. Additional flexibility and operator control are offered through different operating configurations - synchronous, controlled gap, and smooth catch-up -- which control the gap between modes.

The WF and WF XL infeed leverage feed speed with attention to safety, parceled in a user-friendly design. The open frame ensures that sawdust does not settle on critical machine components. An easy-to-remove safety cover encases vulnerable areas, and a central lubrication system provides a LEAN workplace. WF and WF XL’s design satisfies key performance indicators and therefore grant maximum quality control.