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Techno Automation Linear Motion Systems introduces the new LCT Gantry System, which offers a universal tool for various automation applications. The LCT is available in 2-, 3-, or 4-axis options. Depending on the type of application, this machine offers a 6" or 14" gantry clearance. Applications include: drilling, dispensing, positioning and  pick and place. The standard sizes for the LCT Gantry System are 30" x 24" and 50" x 24" of travel. Each comes with electronics, cabling and software. The aluminum T-slot table can be used for fixturing workholding components, while different spindles/dispensing heads are used on the Z-Axis, says the company. Compatible controller options include several different multi-axis servo controllers. Other available options include variable high-speed spindles, workholding components, and servo motion control software.

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