One-piece rail and stile cutterhead

Infinity Cutting Tools is expanding its line of Insert-Pro shaper cutters and router bits for the cabinetmaking industry. It offers a complete line of Insert-Pro products with replaceable knives for fast and easy setup and tool changes.
The latest product, the Insert-Pro one-piece rail and stile cutterhead is popular among professional cabinet shops. It allows the manufacture of rail and stile components for cabinet doors without time-consuming cutterhead changes. It makes both cuts with minimal setup time simply by raising or lowering the cutterhead.
The entire Insert-Pro line of shaper cutters and router bits feature extra-sharp and long-lasting micro-grain carbide knives. The carbide used in the Insert-Pro product line lasts longer than traditional carbide cutters and bits, saving costly production time and money. 


About Infinity Cutting Tools

Infinity Cutting Tools is a worldwide distributor of high-quality woodworking tools and accessories. They specialize in cutting tools such as router bits, shaper cutters, and saw blades.

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