Woodworking adhesives

Spectrum Adhesives manufactures an adhesive for practically every facet of the woodworking industry. Among them are adhesives for the millwork, cabinet and furniture industries including PVA adhesives for assembly, doweling, edge gluing and HPL laminating. Pre-catalyzed crosslinking PVAs for RF, hot pressing, veneering and fingerjointing are also available. The company also offers liquid moisture cure PUR adhesives for waterproof and structural applications.

About Spectrum Adhesives

Spectrum Adhesives manufacturers woodworking adhesives for the millwork and furniture industries including PVA glues for assembly, doweling, edge-gluing and high pressure laminating. UF resins and pre-catalyzed cross-linking PVA for RF, hot pressing, cold pressing, veneering and finger jointing. Liquid moisture cure PUR glues for waterproof and structural applications. VAE dispersions for paper and vinyl profile wrapping and laminating as well as PU dispersions for 3D membrane pressing. Flammable, non-flammable and water based contacts for HPL lamination and also for PU foam bonding for mattresses and upholstery applications. Adhesives for packaging, carton sealing, labeling, and corrugating.



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