New drawer hardware line

Hettich has added numerous new features to the second product generation of push to open silent technology which provides the same convenience as electromechanical opening systems. With special runners, all drawer formats open and close in response to a light press on the front panel. A new feature is the retriggering guard in which the system recognises drawers closed by hand and does not reopen them accidentally and if there's a lack of momentum on closing, the drawer is prevented from opening again while the force needed to close it is reduced. Optional synchronisation makes sure that a kitchen-like drawer front gap of 2.5 mm is sufficient to reliably activate the system even when pressing the edges of large format front panels. Push to open silent is suitable for AvanTech, ArciTech, and InnoTech drawers as well as for Actro 5D and Quadro 4D runners for wooden drawers.

About Hettich America L.P.

Hettich America, L.P. is a leading supplier of Grant door hardware, kitchen cabinet hinges and slides, and ProDecor handles & knobs, plus customized slides and articulated hinges for the major appliance industry.

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