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Slatwall system and accessories
HandiSolutions says its Slatwall is an integral part of storage and the accessories used alongside are just as important, so it has redeveloped its accessory line to include locking accessories. The locking mechanism has been designed and developed so that when the accessories are installed, a spring-loaded lock will secure them in place and they can only be removed when the lock is disengaged from the front. Color-matched soft dipping will be available for the accessories’ metal arms and while the current color is a light gray, the locking accessories will incorporate a dark gray to match the color of the accessory. HandiSolutions has also developed a new color of HandiWall called Driftwood that incorporates a gray base color with brown and black streaker added to give it a weathered, but characteristic look of natural wood. To go with the HandiWall, the company will also release a four inch utility shelf, which is a  profile extruded piece with a lip on the edge designed to hold lighter products in place.