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Rockler Woodworking and Hardware expands its do-it-yourself Shutter System to include a hidden control arm option. The Hidden Control Arm Jig Kit is designed to construct shutters with the control arm (which is used to open and close the shutters) located on the back side of the shutter panel so it is hidden from view. The result is clean looking shutters with a discreet adjustment mechanism. The kit contains an acrylic template with an extruded aluminum guide fence and built-in guide holes to indicate the positions to be drilled on the louver. A self-centering drill bit used to drill the holes and detailed instructions are included in the kit. The control arm is attached to the shutter louvers with Stainless Steel Nails (45400, sold separately) to complete the hidden control arm assembly. The Hidden Control Arm Jig Kit (45143) is used in conjunction with the Hidden Control Arm (2-1/2", 49991 or 3-1/2", 44880) and either the 3-1/2" Louver Template Set (47674) or the 2-1/2" Louver Template Set (44342), all sold separately and required to build shutters. Detailed instructions are included with Louver Template Sets.


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