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Reining in your risk: A look at top risks for woodshops

A year we won’t soon forget, 2020 was full of challenging surprises from a global pandemic and civil unrest to raging wildfires. These unprecedented events brought unheard of challenges not only to our health and safety but to our way of life. While we may not all agree on how things were handled, we can all likely agree on one thing when reflecting on the year: proper preparation for the unexpected is priceless.

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Red glue and other woodshop hazards

Woodworkers are loyal to the products they use. Whether it’s a type of blade, tool, nail or screw, they often stick to what they know works. This even holds true for glue. Woodworkers want a glue that sticks and they cannot take chances on a product that will not hold, a problem that could lead to a shoddy end-product, damage to their reputation and ultimately a dip in sales.