Partially unsanded new wood doors
February 11, 2023 | 12:22 am CST
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the parts of door that are not sanded

Hi, I just finished a remodel and the contractor ordered primed interior doors. They were installed and painted. They doors have 2 panels and a majority of the door was pre-sanded. However, the sticking is unsanded and rough. I feel the sticking/panel profiles needed to be finger sanded with attention to the exposed end grain on tops/bottom of panels to make them smooth like the rest of the door. To avoid any confusion I am defining “sticking” as: the trim around the recessed panels on the doors; the decorative profile on the edge of the stiles and rails where they meet the panel. In the case of these doors, the sticking profile is just a simple square profile. With the sticking being rough and unsanded, the horizontal top ledges of the sticking profile collect dust and dirt making the door look dirty.
My questions are:
1. is it normal for doors to be sold like this where the panel sticking profiles are not sanded or did I get "bargain/discount doors" where this step was skipped over?
2. Shouldn't the painter have sanded these areas before painting? isn't it an industry standard to make sure all parts of a door are smooth and fully sanded prior to painting?
Thank you for your help.