Trend Spotting: Wood is a Winner for Retail Store Fixtures in 2016
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Wood is currently trending in retail, with stores vying to showcase the latest and greatest in fixtures. Timber Products has several partnerships with retailers, such as Leggett & Platt and West Coast Fixtures, and supplies them with wood products that they use to make unique and eye-catching retail fixtures.

This March, we visited Global Shop 2016 in Las Vegas. Here are the trends we noticed from the show floor:

Rustic is Growing

We’ve seen the trend towards rustic wood catching on in the past few years, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. We’ll continue to see knotholes and rough sawn timber used as accents throughout stores and as part of the overall aesthetic.

Reclaimed materials and rough lumber that showcase the natural imperfections and grain character lead to an attractive, earthy feel to the retail environment.

Mixed Woodgrain

Using two or more types of wood side-by-side is very popular right now. One example we really love is oak mixed with cherry – the way the tones play off each other makes for an incredibly dynamic retail space.

Retailers shouldn't be afraid to mix-and-match finishes, with hardwood flooring made from one variety of wood and display shelves or tables made with something else. Today's shoppers are drawn to unique, eclectic styles, so don’t hesitate to show some personality with your wood choices!

Technology Meets Nature

Innovations in technology – like beacons, interactive displays, and tablets – are doing a better job of aligning the in-store retail experience with the online shopping experience, and we're excited to see this tech incorporated into natural elements like wood products.

We predict that we’ll see more integration between the two, with electronic elements and lighting built into retail fixtures, including touchscreens to personalize the shopping experience.

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