1. Ready-to-Assemble Kitchens​

One contractor was remodeling brownstones in San Francisco, and all the kitchens had to go up in tiny, rickety cargo elevators. To overcome this hurdle, he worked with Spectrum to create ready-to-assemble kitchens to be reconstructed on site. 

2. A Unique Closet Installation Project

Another general contractor was installing new closet components on a military base in San Diego. The challenge was that he couldn’t leave anything on the military base overnight. The solution? Spectrum created pallets for the contractor to take on base each day, containing only the materials needed for one day’s work.


3. Components for Cabinet Shops

Medium-sized cabinet shops can get a great deal of value from outsourcing their component work since it can save them the expense of hiring additional workers or investing in their own equipment. By utilizing the componentry capabilities of Timber Products' Spectrum Division, for example, cabinet shops can also save money on materials and freight due to the division's access to custom sizes of panels.


4. Treadmill Decks

These decks are specifically engineered to handle high wear and high impact. To meet the performance demands of this specific application, a specialized industrial film is used to create a durable, slick panel for the belt to slide across. If you’ve ever run on a treadmill at a gym, there’s about an 80% chance the deck was made in Spectrum’s plant.

5. Strong, Lightweight SpectraCore

Melamine and very high-end veneers benefit from a smooth laminating surface. SpectraCore is an engineered veneer core ideal for this application, due to its void-free inner plies combined with smooth MDF crossbands. It is lighter than particle board or MDF, and even stronger—for that reason, it’s frequently used in high-end cabinets and in high-rise buildings to avoid increased weight.

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