SEATTLE - Technology start-up 4 AXYZ has posted an investment solicitation at crowdfunding website, as it continues its effort to establish an additive manufacturing system to produce furniture and other products from solid wood.

The company launched a campaign to raise $1 million in investment by June 22. So far $4,800 has been pledged. 4 AXYZ has posted videos at its Indiegogo page that establish the premise of the process, but provide few details on the technology itself.

 4AXYZ's Ingiegogo site shows logos of companies, some of whom are quoted about applications for additive 3D wood production. Its Facebook page and Twitter channel carry examples of products it says were produced using the stratified wood manufacturing process.

Founder and CEO Samir Shah says that the 4 AXYZ (it's pronounced "Four Axes") process uses an unspecified technology adapted to produce wood products through "additive" manufacturing. 4 AXYZ, Samir Shah, Co-Founder & CEO of 4AXYZ, is described as an Architect, Designer, Entrepreneur and Consultant to the woodworking industry with 27 years of experience in various aspects of business, design, manufacturing and machine technology used by the woodworking industry. Shah and his team envisions a global network for on-demand production of furnture an other wood products, which it describes as follows:

Our Machines are intended to form a unified global network, growing in a modular fashion. Each machine is capable of making various forms, shapes and products either separately or simultaneously. These Machines are large-format, large-capacity industrial robots using the most recent version of existing technologies.

The S.A.M. + Network Machines = On-Demand Digital Distribution (O.D.D.)

Since the machines operate via CAD instructions from the cloud, you can send it design files of your choice or select from available designs from around the world. Whether it is a door, or furniture, or toys, or skateboards – everything is custom-made, locally using local labour and creating domestic jobs.

The raw material is also designed – to create minimum waste during manufacturing. AFTER you order a product, it is produced in a customized manner. It is greener because it does not travel long distances to come to you. A high quality product is ready within 15 days on average.

Founder and CEO Samir Shah says that the 4 AXYZ (it's pronounced "Four Axes") process uses an unspecified German technology adapted to produce wood products through "additive" manufacturing. - See more at:

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