All of our slabs and lumber are carefully milled (preserving the sequences of flitches), patiently air dried for 5 years on sticks and then finished in our de-humidification kilns and brought down to 8% before being added to salable inventory. The result is matched sets of figured hardwood lumber and slabs  that are bound to meet or exceed your specifications for figure, moisture content and consistent quality. Premier walnut, cherry, and tiger maple for fine woodworking is our other specialty  and we also offer custom, random-width flooring.  We take great care in searching out, purchasing and custom cutting our logs into matched set, live edge, slabs.  As slabs and boards come off the saw, each is labeled and carefully recorded into inventory before beginning the drying process.  We also have additional species of wood other than those listed above.

SOURCE: Good Hope Hardwoods

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