2011 Woodworking Industry Report

2011 Woodworking Industry Report


This is it!
The most in-depth, most informative Wood Industry research study that has been conducted in the last 10 years!

WMMA in partnership with Vance Publishing has just released this multi-page look into the needs, goals and future expectations of woodworking customers throughout North America.

This extensive study into three woodworking markets, Cabinetry, Millwork, and Furniture was recently completed in the first quarter of 2011. The study includes comprehensive market data from 470 respondents. The information is displayed in easy to read charts, graphs, tables and executive summaries.

In addition to the quantitative study results, there are more than 150 pages of “word-for-word” personal interviews. The verbatims include executives’ insights and explanations on several fronts.

Here’s what you can expect:
• Manufacturing issues
• Business trends
• Types of equipment and supplies they are looking for in 2011 and 2012
• Annual sales expectations
• What they expect from their suppliers in terms of service and information

This powerful Market Research will help suppliers analyze their sales process and customer approach. As a woodworking manufacturer, learn what your peers are doing and how they approach their businesses.

Keep it close at hand and share it with your production management, sales and marketing personnel. Meet on it and determine if your company needs to make changes based on this in-depth look into these markets!

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Dedicated researchers have devoted many hours and their efforts on this multi-market research. Even at the original price of $1,875 it is priced considerably less than you could buy it independently.

If you are interested in receiving the 2011 Woodworking Industry Report please download the “Confidentiality Agreement”. Please sign the agreement guaranteeing that this information, in whole or in part, will not be copied and will not be shared with any one person or company outside of your company. Return the agreement to Ellen Roundtree at eroundtree@vancepublishing.com or fax to 847-634-4374. This information is too revealing and too important to share with anyone who is not willing to invest in their future business.

Once Ellen receives your agreement she will contact you for payment information. We wish you the best in the months and years to come and strongly believe this professional market research can help in your business success.

Actual quotes taken from the pages of the Wood Industry Market Research. This is a very small sampling of what you will discover!

“We are introducing more custom products and specialty items to the market. We are also looking at expanding our market from the wood industry to…”

“With fewer orders we’ve changed the way we run them through. We have gone to cell production and our gross margins have increased by 25%; we’ve raised prices, lowered overhead and…”

“What is really going to help us, is the introduction of other product lines; for instance...”

“We’ve had to find new markets with our existing products (geographically) and we’ve added new product lines to offer our existing customers. We’ve increased our marketing efforts, learned to say ‘no’ to certain orders and all this has resulted into…”

“We have opened the doors to new business and new markets that we overlooked before.”

“We’re going from larger to smaller orders, and we’re more custom. We’ll stay in wood but we’ll add more substrates and decorative features like…”

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