CROZET, Va. - Yancey Lumber Co. has been hit with a $24,294 fine after an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) investigation revealed multiple safety violations. The investigation was prompted after a worker was killed on the job last July.
Floriberta Macedo-Diaz, 46, was killed in July 2018 after being struck by six pieces of lumber. Floriberta Macedo-Diaz, 46, was transporting water bottles to prepare for the upcoming work day. She walked by four stacks of lumber - in an area that should have been fenced or barricaded the investigation found - when the stack fell on her.
The resulting investigation found several violations:
  • Not having properly trained people at the workplace to give first aid. OSHA requires employers to have trained people on site when there isn't a healthcare facility near the workplace. It faces a $4,364 fine for the violation.
  • Failing to meet powered industrial truck regulations. It faces a $2,471 fine for the violation.
  • Failing to recognize an unstable pile of lumber should have been made safe right away, an $8,729 fine.
  • Applying an incorrect sticker alignment on the lumber pile, an $8,729 fine.

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