GNADENHUTTEN, Ohio - Tusco Display, an Ohio-based maker of custom store fixtures and precision metal fabrications, laid off 20 contract workers after the first quarter and temporarily laid off another 10 employees for the month of June, reported the Wall Street Journal.
Tusco is paying more for U.S. and foreign-made steel and aluminum, reported the WSJ. 
Tusco's chief executive Mike Lauber said "Many of us have our heads down, working hard. At Tusco, “we are conserving where we can and redoubling our efforts to find new clients."
Lauber said tariffs are worrying his retail customers, who are struggling to compete with Amazon.
Earlier in July, President Trump threatened 10 percent tariffs on more than $200 billion worth of Chinese exports to the U.S. In early August, an announcement was made to raise some products to 25 percent. That will go into effect August 23.
The list of $200 billion worth of Chinese products, running around 200 pages, includes industrial goods and chemicals, consumer products, and wood products.
Wood products facing a tariff include oak, beech, maple, ash, cherry, moldings, rods, particleboard, various types of plywood, doors, charcoal, corks and stoppers, and wicker and bamboo baskets. Furniture items include bedding, mattresses, car seats, wood chairs, furniture designed for offices, kitchens, chandeliers, and lamps.
Wood pulp products and paper products are also on the list.

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