Woodworking Robots, Cooking Wood and Radial Bats: Top WWN Articles in 2010
August 15, 2011 | 5:40 pm CDT

August was THE month for reading amongst the visitors to WoodworkingNetwork.com.

Each of the top four articles  on WWN.for 2010 online was posted in August.

The top article about Custom Cupboards had more than 7,200 views, the most of any item posted on WWN.

But WWN readers also have a taste for fun, such as evidenced by the many views of plywood-related articles, including "A Plywood Lamborghini," "Plywood in the News" and "A Plywood Bike."

Read on to see what our readers read most.

1. Custom Cupboards Goes Robotic (posted 8-13-10)
The robotic cell at Kansas-based Custom Cupboards builds face frames for the company’s line of traditional cabinetry. This fully automated production cell is the first of its kind in the United States.

2. Cooking Wood with an Exotic Look  (posted 8-3-10)
Several suppliers at IWF 2010 will be exhibiting products related to thermally treated wood, which use specialized kilns to treat either hardwoods or softwoods, making them insect- and water-resistant and weatherproof without the use of chemicals.  

3. Radial Bat's Switch to PUR Is a Big Hit (posted 8-3-10)
Radial Bat scores big with an innovative design and PUR adhesive technology, for improved manufacturing.

4. Housing Market's Impact on the Woodworking Industry (posted 8-3-10)
The housing correction that started in 2007 and resulted in a global recession, is slowly running its course. Its effect, though, on the secondary wood products industry will continue to have impact for the next few years.

5. Lumber Goes Thermal (posted 8-12-10) 
Thermally treated wood is gaining visibility in the U.S. market. More widely known in Europe (it’s used in sauna and steam bath build-outs), the process employs specialized high-temperature kilns and steam to treat either wood, making it insect- and water-resistant and weatherproof without chemicals. 
6. A DIY Plywood Lamborghini (posted 5-18-10)
Leave it the the Chinese to find a way to put a Lamborghini on the road at a cost of about $3,000.  

7. Plywood in the News: Panels All Over the Highway and Other Tales
A truck tips over, Christmas decorations are absconded, etc. 

8. DIY Plywood Bike: How Cool Is That? (posted 2-6-10)
The coolest feature is that all the of the parts, including the wheels of each transport device, are nested from a sheet of plywood and designed for quick assembly.

9. Wooden Outrigger (posted 8-16-10)
Canadian Steve Willgoose loves a challenge, which is one of the reasons he decided to build an outrigger canoe.

10. Ten Common Wood Finishing Problems
These 10 common wood finishing problems can happen to any woodworker who doesn't follow proper wood finishing techniques.  


Woodworker Turns Reclaimed Wood into Studio Furniture (posted 2-10-10)

12. Woodworking CNC for Archtop Guitars (posted 7-9-10)

13. 2011 Residential Furniture Freestanding Winner (posted 11-8-10)

14. Italian Firm Makes Furniture Fun (posted 9-1-10)

15. Woodworkers Find New Markets Online (posted 8-15-10)

16. An RTA Powder Room for Kitty (posted 8-17-10)

17. Kimball Office's Coating Advance Enables Mighty Miters (posted 6-14-10)

18. Must-See Booths at IWF (posted 6-4-10)
19. Market Leaders: Wood Industry's Movers & Shakers  (posted 12-2-10)

20. 2011 CWB Design Portfolio Kitchen/Bath Winner (posted 11-9-10)

21. Cabinets Built in Minutes  (posted 11-12-10)

22. IWF: Thermwood Barb Dado System (posted 8-29-10)

23. CWB Design Portfolio Winners (posted 11-9-10)

24. Magic Finished Case Has Hidden Drawers (posted 6-14-10)

25. Matchless Woodworking (posted 7-9-10)

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