CRESTWOOD, Ky. - A small Kentucky woodworking shop is seeing a boom in business after the state health commissioner wore one of its wooden bowties on TV during a coronavirus briefing. 
Magnolia Woodwork owner Ryan Roling decided to send the first "compassion" bowtie to Kentucky State Health Commissioner Steven Stack. Roling told WLKY News that he was shocked to see Stack wear the tie in a press conference soon after. Stack also gave the company a shoutout. 
The orders are now pouring in. Each tie is $60 and is handcrafted from walnut - taking around three hours to make 10. Magnolia is capable of producing around 35 every day. Compassion ties feature green fabric, which Magnolia says represents, you guessed it, compassion.
Roling said he is donating "a significant amount" of the proceeds to the Team Kentucky Fund, which aids those severely affected by the pandemic.

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