Wood product companies partner to provide sustainably-sourced natural wood products
November 15, 2022 | 1:23 pm CST

Photo By Cambium Carbon

WASHINGTON -- Cambium Carbon and Arbor Wood Co. partner to introduce a new wood product for outdoor and indoor building applications that is all-natural, chemical-free, lasts for decades, and is harvested domestically from mostly-urban sources.

Cambium Carbon's Carbon Smart Wood™ is a new category of local, sustainable wood products that utilize wood from urban settings which would otherwise be left in the landfill. It provides a superior alternative to emissions-intensive supply chains that rely upon exotic hardwoods from tropical rainforests shipped from great distances to the US. Carbon Smart Wood™ diverts waste, creates jobs, and plants new trees–going far beyond conventional timber harvest and certification.

Arbor Wood Co.'s thermally modified wood is a technical application that improves long-term outdoor durability and stability using only heat and steam. The result is an attractive, all-natural wood product that doesn't rot or decay and is very stable in all climates. This process combined with locally-sourced Carbon Smart Wood™ sets the standard for environmentally responsible, endurable wood-building products.

Jon Heyesen, CEO of Arbor Wood Co., said, "Thermal modification is one of the most natural, chemical-free ways to extend the life of wood products. We see ourselves as stewards to providing consumers with a superior, natural product that can be used for cladding, decking, indoor and outdoor furniture, landscaping elements, and much more. 

Heyesen continued, "At Arbor Wood Co., thermally modified Carbon Smart Wood™ will be available for specification immediately."

Combining thermal modification and Carbon Smart Wood™ takes these products to a new performance level that is the best of true sustainability and application endurance – not to mention visually appealing. Better than the decking industry standards of plastic composites or pressure-treated lumber laden with harsh chemicals, Cambium Carbon's Carbon Smart Wood™ offered through Arbor Wood Co. resets the marketplace.

Ben Christensen, CEO of Cambium Carbon, said, "Partnering with Arbor Wood Co is a critical step forward in our product offering to environmentally-conscious consumers who demand a domestic solution to building needs, along with traceability and sustainability of the wood-sourcing. Cambium Carbon and Arbor Wood Co. will provide this solution at scale."

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